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What is Biodegradable plastic and why it’s a must for Environmentally Conscious Brand?

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Many people wonder how to reduce plastic waste in pandemic situations like now, where the plastics necessity is increasing every minute.

Plastics have been used in a wide variety of goods to meet human needs, from tableware, packaging, household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, electronic equipment, vehicles, and even clothes.

Plastics are commons because of their characteristics that easy to apply to various kinds of goods, durable and cheap. Therefore, almost all the goods we use today contain plastic.

Find Out How BioPigmenia makes plastic decompose without breaking into microplastics.

Plastic can decompose in the soil but it takes a very long time to exceed hundreds of years. This is a serious problem for the environment. The pile of plastic waste that has not yet been completely decomposed is stacked with new piles of garbage, especially single-use plastics.

This is why we need biodegradable plastic. Biodegradable plastic is a type of plastic that can degrade and decompose faster than the usual oil-based types of plastics.

Many ways have been tried to reduce plastic waste in several ways. For example, recycle plastic waste to be reused, making replacement materials that have plastic-like characters, or create biodegradable plastic.

Be A Future Brand That Takes Environment Seriously

Not all plastic products can use the same materials from processed plastic waste because they already have different characteristics from the original source. Also, not all plastic substitutes can be adopted either. There are several characteristics that differentiate between them and the price is much higher than applying plastic as their materials.

The last possible alternative is to turn ordinary plastic become environmentally friendly by decomposing faster in soil. A Biodegradable Plastic.

We Need a Plastic Type That Degrade Faster and Safe.

BioPigmenia makes plastics from petroleum such as PP, PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, etc. into environmentally friendly plastics. Our additive does not change the characteristics of the initial plastics, you don’t need to worry about machine replacement, and the price is affordable.

This is a solution to making your plastic products safe for our planet and becomes the flagship brand that contributes to the environment. No microplastics!

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