9 billion tons of plastic have been made since the 1950s. In 2015, only 9 percent of the plastic waste produced ended up recycled, another 12 percent was incinerated,  and the remaining 79 percent has built up in landfills or ended up elsewhere in the environment.

—Without accelerated biodegradation, untreated packaging will continue to pile up subsequently contributing to pollution, limiting space, and forcing the need to build more landfills.

We BIOPIGMENIA, try to find solutions to this problem. Our mission is to deliver biodegradable, environmentally safe plastic that can be used in various forms.


A combination of many technologies with a valuable cost difference, Biopigmenia plastic is cheaper. Biopigmenia allows the microbes in both the compost environments and the landfill environments to decompose the plastic from deep within the plastic, not just on the surface allowing the bacteria and fungus to create large caves increasing the area that can decompose, rather than just the surface.

This allows Biopigmenia’s technology to work much faster than other technologies. Biopigmenia can also control the time it takes for bacteria and fungus to consume the plastic. This allows Biopigmenia’s biodegradable additive to be the best because of price and because of technology for the enhancement of the biodegradation of plastic.

Our additives also have been third-party tested and certified by various labs and institutes in the USA and Indonesia.

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